Work in Progress

DSC01480I finally got around to starting to paint the Russians. I still need to base another battalion of infantry but I plan to do that this weekend, maybe. In the meantime, I thought I would start on some armour just to get back into the swing of painting. I also thought that I might start on a couple of buildings as well. All of the armour for the Russians, and the buildings for that matter, are from GHQ and CinC. This first batch though are all GHQ.

I started by basing all the armour and the buildings on FOW bases. I use the small bases for the armour and infantry, and medium bases for the buildings (with a notable exception) and artillery. The notable exception is the Russian church that I posted pictures of recently (the Brass etching post). For that model I used a FOW large and medium base.

The figures were then all undercoated in flat black.

Once the undercoat has dried, I then give the figures a quick black wash. This is just to provide a wee bit of coverage for anything missed through the spray undercoat process.

DSC01482Once the figures are dry again I then apply a heavy, wet brush of white. This is done with a large flat brush and is done by using the same technique that you would use for dry brushing, just leaving a little more paint on the brush. This has two effects. One is top make it easier to see the detail when applying later coats of colour. The second is that it provides a brighter undercoat under the colours to follow, lifting them and lightening them a little. The third thing is that it starts the shading process around the detail.DSC01486

Next was the first colour coat. In this case I was painting some Valentines for the Russians. The Russians used 3,784 Valentine tanks, 2,394 were British built and 1,390 Canadian built. As these were supplied by Britain and Canada, they were supplied to Russia in British tank colours, in this case a khaki green.

OK, that is the state of Work in Progress at the moment. I hope to finish these tanks this week, after all, there are only the tracks and a light dry-brush to go as well as darkening the machine guns and the base of course.

6 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Anthony 26 August 2012 / 9:37 am

    Another micro scale period…you and I should just compromise and go 28mm for everything 🙂


  2. Doug 26 August 2012 / 11:23 am

    Nice, my 1941 Germans are ready (small but perfectly formed). And I am thinking about getting the 1943-44 ones done next. I am going to get Dean to cut me some specialised bases, probably 30 x 30mm for everything. And I finally undercoated the SAGA vikings, plus the remaining 15mm New Alba infantry (medics, Heavy Weapons, Command) for Tomorrow’s War. Once those are done I will have a clear space on the painting shelves. The DBMM Sui just aren’t inspiring me. I tried a few things with drybrush white plus glazes, but it isn’t working as well as I hoped.


    • thomo the lost 26 August 2012 / 1:38 pm

      I’m thinking the black, dry brush white then dry brush colour and glaze/wash to finish. Maybe an extra wash after undercoat to soften some of the black a little.


      • Doug 26 August 2012 / 9:48 pm

        I think I am just deferring the work on the Sui with other stuff.. I am seriously tempted to go haul out the 6mm Micro-Armour and start putting together the Normandy/Italy Germans.


      • thomo the lost 27 August 2012 / 1:41 am

        Oh well, the micro armour is sweet – see the Valentines?


      • Doug 27 August 2012 / 6:54 am

        Saw the Valentines.. very very nice work.


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