First Russian WW2 Finished – Almost

DSC01513They still need to be varnished but I will leave that until Tuesday – give them a good 36 hours or so to be well dry. In the picture are 10 Valentines and a Russian farm house, painted and based.

The paint used on the tanks was Vallejo from the Battlefront British Paint set with Tamiya weathering whilst the base edges and the building were painted with Citadel colours. The bases themselves were covered with Citadel sand and some Gale Force Nine flock (the stuff that looks like little rocks). I then used the Baccus 6mm basing system for the wash and the three dry brush shades. Two tanks and the house had static grass from Baccus used for the greenery, the rest used Citadel static grass.

I also tried a final Devlan Mud (Citadel) wash on the base for the farm house to see if it improved appearances. It didn’t.

Next up on the painting queue this week are 4 x BA-10 to experiment with the Russian green before launching into the rest of the Russian tanks and starting to deal with 6mm decals again. I read somewhere that the light tanks in Russian WW2 service did not carry markings.

I must admit, the British tank green looks the part on these vehicles. I went very light with the weathering. I started using the mud colour but that just disappeared into the vehicle so I changed to the sand and dust colours. I concentrated it on the track areas with a light brush across the rest of the vehicle. Looks quite good and if I can ever come to terms with my macro lens I’ll try for a close up.

This has provided a week bit of a painting spurt for me. Hopefully it means that I will get my ACW Union finished this year as well.

4 thoughts on “First Russian WW2 Finished – Almost

  1. Doug 27 August 2012 / 6:55 am

    Looking great. Can I suggest you go look for a white gel pen, they are pretty cheap, and experiment on a piece of card, then write patriotic slogans, (er.. ok.. squiggles) on them?


    • thomo the lost 27 August 2012 / 10:56 am

      Yeah, I have a white gel pen. I tried some patriotic slogans out but I couldn’t see them – I guess I should use coloured paper next time 🙂

      My worry is that the pen will be too big for 1/285th scale vehicles, especially the Valentines which do not have a great deal of flat landscape on the turret sides to begin with.

      Perhaps some Russian looking white dots?

      I was relieved when I read that Russian light tanks did not have tank markings – put the decals away again 😉


  2. Doug 27 August 2012 / 10:11 pm

    You dont have to write ‘Krasnoyarsk Tank Factory no 13’ – just a few squiggles.. try it on a piece of card first and see how you go. I have been using a white gel pen on my 15mm Sci-Fi stuff and very happy with the results. I might also try it to do german crosses, as the decals are just too fiddly (The GHQ german crosses come in two parts… white and black.. eek!)


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