Google – Stop Trying to Second Guess Me!

imageIt is really starting to annoy me! I spent a couple of days in Indonesia where Google left my search engine, email and everything really with an English language mask. My Google preferences are set to reflect that I am an English speaker. I am sure that if I check I will find several Google cookies on my PC all reflecting English is my language of choice.

So why then, when I get back to Singapore, does Google invite me to translate a page from Indonesian to English and invite me to “masuk”!

The only time I want a “masuk” is when I say to a Jakarta taxi driver, “masuk di sini!”. For the rest of the time, give it to me in English please – especially Google!

One thought on “Google – Stop Trying to Second Guess Me!

  1. thomo the lost 8 September 2012 / 11:06 pm

    So now Google is offering to translate my service login page from Malay to English – I guess at least they are getting me closer to Singapore!


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