The Man Cave

DSC01516We’ve moved from the Mt Sophia area of Singapore over to Tanjong Pagar. The apartment is a much older apartment built by the Housing Development Board (known as an HDB locally) but is about twice the size of the last place and a little cheaper each month. It has the added bonus of being a 15-minute walk to the office.

It also has three bedrooms (the last place had two) so there is a spare room. This room is now known as the man cave and will be a study, writing, painting, wargaming area for me. Of course, the first task is to put the room to rights, unpack the boxes and put things up on the shelves.

DSC01517The next task will be to set up some music in there and add a WiFi extender somewhere closer to the lounge room to give me a decent WiFi signal back there.

Then … paint … and game … and generally waste time!

2 thoughts on “The Man Cave

  1. Mal Wright 20 September 2012 / 12:52 am

    I’m lucky to have two man caves! One is terribly overcrowded. The other so large we often dont use if for a game unless there are several players present. Of course when all the children were at home my man cave was kind of like a man box, stashed in a corner!


  2. Anthony 20 September 2012 / 5:59 am

    Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.


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