Australian Book Price Gouging … Again!

The bat

Or rather still.

They still just don’t get it. I received an email from Bookworld, the remnants of Borders that went broke in Australia, and they were advertising the release of the first Harry Hole novel written by Jo Nesbo. This was a digital release – that is, a book in ePub format for eBook readers. The details:

The Bat: A Harry Hole Thriller by Jo Nesbo, ePub.

Their price, for the eBook, was an unbelievable $23.95. Yes, they are Aussie dollars which are worth a little more than US dollars.

I can buy the paperback version from Book Depository UK for $18.35 (Aussie dollars) delivered (see Bat: Harry Hole Thriller, Jo Nesbo). That’s the paperback version, not the trade Paperback that the Aussie sellers are peddling.

The issue is the eBook. $23.95 for something that has essentially no storage or delivery costs.

By comparison, I can buy the same book from Amazon for my Kindle reader for US $16.29 delivered. See The Bat (Harry Hole 1).

$23.95 for an ePub from Australian store, $16.29 from a US store, both delivered immediately to my device. Economics is so simple sometimes – and the Australian book industry persists in its stupid counter productive protectionism at the same time as persisting in gouging Australian customers.

By from the US, by from the UK, at least until the Australian industry wakes up to itself.

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