Painting Progress

Zero, zilch nada.

For some reason real life (work, moving apartments, work, the odd networking beer) have all conspired to ensure that I don’t get any panting time at the moment. We moved to the new apartment in September. It is not the middle of November (almost) and I still have not organised the man cave yet. Oh, it’s neat enough but there are no figures on the table begging paint.

In fact, the first figures to get paint are the 1/6000th scale ships that John has been waiting patiently for nearly two years now (yes John, they have paint on them and I think I just need a good eight hours painting to finish them).

I also will have two DBA armies to paint for the Worlds in Canberra at Cancon 2013 which I want to get dine before heading back to Australia for Christmas.

So, the tentative timetable is:

  1. Return from Indonesia and Australia – 20 November 2012
  2. Sort Man Cave – evening of 21 November 2012
  3. Finish John’s Ships – evening of 22 and 23 November 2012
  4. Start prepping the DBA armies – 24 November 2012

Following that timetable I suspect that I will have about three weeks to paint the DBA armies. That’s 21 days. I expect to be travelling for some of those so let’s say 15 days total. That would give me an average painting rate of 2 elements a night (depending on which armies I select). Yep, that’s doable – finish a maximum of 8 15mm figures a night.

Right then, we have a plan. Now where’s that flight to Oz?

3 thoughts on “Painting Progress

  1. Doug 8 November 2012 / 9:32 pm

    Knocked over quite a bit of the Inca painting today.. probably another 10-15 hours all up should see that finished, but I then have to finish the Sui for the Cancon DBMM. And that is going to be a challenge. I haven’t managed to inspire myself with these yet.


  2. Anthony 9 November 2012 / 8:01 am

    You forgot to take away the days that you and I need to get together to game. So out of 15 days say 3…leaves you 12 to paint.


  3. Thomo the Lost 11 November 2012 / 6:48 am

    True. Of course I could always bring the painting to your place 😆


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