Cancon 2013 DBA – Koguryo Koreans – 3

photo (1)

Last night was an easy night working on the Koreans for Cancon 2013. As the glue and superglue had all dried from the night before (and as my fingerprints have almost returned thank you very much for asking), I started on flocking the bases. I spent about 45 minutes overall doing this.

I decorated the bases using a mix of sand and faux roches. As I mentioned earlier, I have not tried this method of painting before where you start by basing the figure and then painting it in situ, as it were, so I am still working my way trough the technique.

The process was then to prepare the figures, glue them to bases and then start the base decoration. If you click on the photo you will be able to see the texture on the bases more clearly. Also apparent in the picture are the materials I was using to prepare the bases.

Next step for the Koreans is tonight with a spray undercoat (and a chance to test my new spray painting chamber).

The rest of the evening last night was spent considering colours for the Koreans as well as looking more closely at the options for the Book III or IV army. I hope to have made that decision tonight and a start on those figures as well.

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