My Spray Paint Chamber

2012-12-02 11.48.33 Having moved into a new apartment here I now have no balcony to spray undercoat and varnish figures. What’s the solution? Simple, a spray painting chamber.

The question was, how to build it. Wandering around one of the model stores on Princeps Street here a couple of months ago I came across a Tamiya Spray Painting turntable with attachments. It was not so expensive so in true wargamer fashion and with the words “this’ll be useful at some point in the future” I picked it up.

After moving apartment I had inherited a couple of large DHL boxes. These have foldout flaps for closing. I had also picked up some A4 size sheets of MDF at Art Friend a couple of weeks ago with a comment to the lady of “at $1.20 each you can always afford to have a few of these laying around, you don’t know how useful they are until you have them”.

2012-12-02 11.52.52 Put all these items together voila, a painting chamber. The A4 MDF sheet sits perfectly on the turntable and the turntable itself spins very freely. The two large DHL boxes mean the turntable is at a good height for spraying and the fold out flaps prevent me over-spraying onto other items in the room.

I must admit that this spray cabinet is actually easier to spray with than the old balcony method.

All-in-all, a good, simple solution to a simple problem.

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