The Bergs Cheeseburger

2012-12-05 13.39.23 I ate at Bergs Burgers the other day – the Bergs Cheeseburger was the fare of the day. The burger costs $13.00 and for a few dollars extra you can add a soft drink and a few chips.

One of the nice things with the Berg’s burger is that you are asked whether you want Swiss, Blue or Edam cheese. For my burger I took Edam.

Berg’s serve their burger in a paper bag and what more could you ask – perhaps the best way to serve a burger and no washing up afterwards.

The meat in the burger is well ground beef and very tasty. It is lightly seasoned. Where Berg’s do well is with the construction of the burger. The meat patty is juicy to the end and the bun is tough enough to take that juice until perhaps the last two or three mouthfuls. It doesn’t fall apart.

The burger itself is constructed with lettuce, tomato, onion (I’m missing my beetroot) and added to the burger is an aioli that is rich in garlic – so perhaps not the best burger for lunch. A beer is also available at Berg’s. They are located at two locations in Singapore. I ate at the one at Far East Square, 137 Amoy St, #01-01 Far East Square.

They offer a range of Burgers (including one of my favourites, the Budgie Smuggler).

I’d have to rate the Bergs Cheeseburger an 8.5/10 … maybe a 9! It is a very nice burger and it will be hard to find something better here I think.

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