The Great Move–Christmas Spending

The great move from Sydney is complete. Thomo’s Sydney Hole is no more. Books and wargaming stuff have been moved back to Mum’s “up the coast” and the flat in Sydney returned to the landlord. ((interestingly we returned the apartment on the 18th of December and it was leased and new folks moving in on the 20th – sight unseen. Rental property in Sydney is apparently quite scarce))

Most of the boxes moved back here have been sorted and packed away – well, except for about 8 boxes of books but sorting them, shelving them and deciding which ones to bring to Singapore on the 6th are tomorrow’s problem. I will finish taking the Command and Colours Ancients, perhaps the book on Naval Warfare on the Lakes, Conway’s is tempting but heavy, so many books and a few games that I’d like to take, so little space.

Plans for the next few days are more sorting of stuff, a trip to Coffs Harbour for a phone for the lady ((fear of a painful and unnatural death prevents me telling what has happened to her iPhone)) and a trip to the beach as it’s time to get wet again! Christmas Eve is off to my sister’s where we will spend Christmas then bring Mum back home. Another couple of days back here probably preparing my Later Hungarians for paint then it’s off to Canberra for New Year. Back here for some painting before returning to Singapore.

A busy time it is then but one where I am hoping for a few beach days as well as a fair bit of painting time. I also plan on catching up with mail and some other matters and perhaps a little more writing.

In the meantime, Carols in the Domain is on … time to remember Christmases past and look forward to Christmases to come!

2 thoughts on “The Great Move–Christmas Spending

  1. coldiebear 22 December 2012 / 5:55 pm

    Why do you guys always take it out on the poor Apple products? 😦


    • thomo the lost 23 December 2012 / 7:26 pm

      Oh, it wasn’t the iPhone’s fault – quite the opposite. However, the result is a fritzed iPhone that has been sitting in a container of uncooked rice for the last 48 hours to no effect. Attempting to recharge just has the case getting hotter and hotter.

      To be fair, I like the stability the control that Apple and Microsoft have over their phone OS that Google doesn’t have with @Ant-Rid@ so that, for example, Skype reduces the up-time of my GIII to around 6 hours if I am lucky but on iPhone 4 I get through about 10 hours or so before needing to be charged. I’m sure a Windows 8 phone will give a similar performance.


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