Thomo’s Macksville Home – the Great Move

2012-12-28 17.28.03As many of you will be aware, I shut down the Sydney home. I will be residing in Singapore full-time for the foreseeable future. This has meant that there is no need for the flat in Sydney any more and rather than continue to pay AU $400 per week for what is essentially storage only, we cancelled the rental.

I am pleased to announce that at the age of 58 ((if you can actually believe that I am that age … I could be lying after all)) I moved back home with mother 😆

Well, the lady needed somewhere to live whilst studying and there is space under the house for storage so with a little assistance from number one son (thanks for the garage space Jeffro) we moved. What an experience that was. Over a Friday and a weekend we moved. I called two men with a truck for some rented muscle and hired a one tonne Toyota Hi-Ace. The men and truck were to move the furniture and the Hi-Ace was to move the books, clothes and other stuff we wanted to keep.

What an experience! The hired muscle arrived in a grumpy mood – they’d been pulled over by the police on the way to the job. We loaded the furniture whilst the lady and I continued to pack boxes for the Hi-Ace. We delivered the furniture to Jeffro’s whilst the lady continued to pack boxes. We filled the Hi-Ace then drove the 476 kms to Mum’s.

We slept, unpacked and drove the 476 kms back.

We packed the rest again filling the Hi-Ace to the roof (well, with some extra stuff filling the back of the car).

We drove the 476 kms to Mum’s, unpacked and then drove the 476 kms back to Sydney where we checked into a motel just around the corner from the old home. Up early on Monday morning to return the Hi-Ace to the renters whilst the lady cleaned the apartment. I worked that day which meant I needed to be in the city by my 10 am meeting so it was late in the day when the keys were returned and we officially bid farewell to the Sydney residence.

The rest of the week in Sydney was spent in the motel (the Marco Polo at Summer Hill, cheap, great security and funnily enough, quieter than the flat was). Friday night came and so we squeezed into the front of the Falcon and drove the 476 kms to Macksville.

Saturday … slept.

After that it was 478 kms to Brisbane for Christmas (see separate post), then 478 kms back to Macksville. The last drive this trip will be a drive of 770kms to Canberra for the New Year, then 770 kms back to Macksville. Finally I will catch the bus to Sydney to catch my flight back to Singapore (that bue/train trip I am actually looking forward to).

2012-12-28 17.27.48By the time I leave Oz for Singapore again I will have driven 4,876 kms at least (there was a couple of short trips for Boxing Day sales and pizzas and such that would have put the total over 5,000 kms).

Let’s see my Pommie mates get their heads around those distances (driving the E30 in Europe, London to Moscow is only 2,887 km)!

I do have a painting space in Oz still – in my father’s old train room. Once Dad left us the trains were sold off, mostly to his peer group of railroaders and so that area under the house houses my library and wargaming stuff that I have not taken to Singapore. Mum also uses it when cutting out for new quilts. The picture above is the view from behind the painting area. The picture to the left is the view the other way.

Thomo has a new Oz Hole!

4 thoughts on “Thomo’s Macksville Home – the Great Move

  1. Anthony 29 December 2012 / 4:12 am

    Hence forth gives more meaning to “the hole” 🙂


  2. Miesha 4 January 2013 / 1:42 pm

    Wow!! Its nice stuff here. I enjoyed reading it.


  3. Victor Pocilujko 29 May 2013 / 7:00 am

    Good lord, I spend years up here in Bellingen. First a wargamer moves to Glenreagh, a mere hour and a bit away and now I find that Thommo has a new hole in Macksville. Currently spend some time with local GW gamers, which is all there is unfortunately. Let us know when you’re back in your new hole,

    Victor (Grumpy from Grumpys Miniatures)


    • thomo the lost 29 May 2013 / 10:57 am

      Hey Victor, I remember someone telling me you were up in the Bellingen Valley. At the moment I am in Singapore pretty much full-time but will be back in sunny Macksville later this year for a holiday visit to Mama. I’ll look you up when I am back!


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