2013 – the Wargaming List

A new year has come around and it is time to start considering the wargaming tasks for 2013. Firstly, I want to set it clearly in my own mind … finish a project that you start! I know that is not easy for a wargamers, attracted as we are by bright shiny objects but hey, you have to try!

First cab off the rank is to finish the Cancon 2013 DBA armies. The Koreans are about 80% complete now and the Hungarians about 10%. Some work on the Hungarians later this week should see them move further forward.

Next is to finish John’s WW1 French fleet. They only really require a weekend’s work to get off the painting table and across to him.

Split Lee’s Vikings – send a double DBA army size to him and find a home for the rest of them ,,, perhaps in a Dark Ages project for later in the year.

Complete the basing of the 15mm ACW Union. There is a lot of work to complete these – bases, flags and varnishing in particular but I am estimating that a month’s worth of evenings should see it done.

Finish the 1/285 GHQ early Russians (and possibly the middle and late ones as well).

Finish the 6mm DBA project and the terrain that goes with that.

Now we are approaching a position where we can start some new projects. I have a mind to work some more on the Aeronefs and the long postponed Peshawar project. I know Anthony has an interest in 1/76th scale (20mm) World War 2 but that will need to be a project around June I guess. Then there is some Dark Ages stuff calling me.

So many projects, so little time. I can see I will need to sit down for a serious planning session for all this.

2 thoughts on “2013 – the Wargaming List

  1. Anthony 3 January 2013 / 3:36 pm

    Planning over beers soon 🙂


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