Cancon 2013 DBA – Koguryo Koreans – 9

2013-01-13 00.04.01Back to Singapore and some proper painting. As I mentioned yesterday, Friday was spent fixing things from the travel. Yesterday was spent working on the Koreans again as I really would like to finish these guys this weekend. Actually, I wanted to finish them yesterday but a couple of naps to catch up from the travelling got in the way of that.

Today is Anthony’s birthday brunch and I am hoping that I don’t consume so much champagne that it prevents me painting effectively tonight 🙂

Yesterday I managed to finish the heavy infantry and work on the rest of the foot.

I opted for a red and white shield pending me finding anything else more interesting. I have seen red shields in the War Memorial Museum in Seoul and so I may well over-paint the shields here prior to varnishing.

2013-01-13 00.04.35The second picture is what I hope to see as the troops move forward.

I opted for a basic white theme with red and blue highlights for the Koreans. I was planning on getting some more browns and greys in there as well but the white seems to work and not be too far of the mark, as far as I can determine, historically.

I was tempted to use some plum type colours but they really would only be likely on the general’s escort but top be honest, the colour would have disappeared in amongst all the metal so I have taken some artistic license.

One thought on “Cancon 2013 DBA – Koguryo Koreans – 9

  1. Doug 13 January 2013 / 11:13 am

    Looking good Thomo.. I am going to have to get into the shed myself, there is painting to be done!


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