Some Fantasy Ships

2013-01-21 17.49.56 I was walking around one of the local shopping malls yesterday. It is not a big mall but it does have a few figure shops in it. The figure shops tend to concentrate on Anime and Manga type figurines in various scales up to about 1/12th. In the window were these brilliant little ships.

I immediately started thinking about possible uses for them and different wargame rules currently available. I thought I would go in and ask the ever-helpful shop assistant for some assistance with little beauties. The conversation went something like:

Ever-helpful shop assistant: Can I help you sir?

Thomo the Lost: Yes, I’m interested in those ships in the front window.

Ever-helpful shop assistant: Oh, they’re not for sale sir.

Thomo the Lost: OK, no problem, can you order some in and how much do they cost?

Ever-helpful shop assistant: Oh, they’re not for sale sir!

Thomo the Lost: OK, I understand that. Can you order them in though?

Ever-helpful shop assistant: No, they are only for display sir.

Thomo the Lost: Can you tell me who makes them then.

Ever-helpful shop assistant: No sir, they are just of display.

Thomo the Lost: OK, thanks very much for your help.

I walked out after that.

Can anyone read Japanese or can tell me some more about these little beauties?

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