Thomo’s Hole Record Day – 10,000+ Page Views


I saw this stats page and thought there may have been an error. It looked like all past statistics had disappears to be replaced by something really odd for the day. There were over 10,000 page views recorded. Now, I know that my youthful good looks and boyish charm make me popular but really, the best day I have ever had here in the Hole has been around 500 views and usually I range between 150 and 250 page views a day.

I did some checking.

It seems that the post I did a few years back (7 May 2007 to be exact) on Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army was picked up by the Today I Learned section in Reddit and has generated over 100 comments there.

The 10,000 plus page views are correct 😆

The interesting thing about this post is that here in the Hole it has generated the longest comment chain of all posts as well as some of the most vitriolic comments I have ever seen – it is a touchy subject to a number of folks, even though I had tried to write it even-handed.

This has definitely set a new standard for me to aim at although I suspect that my wargaming reports are not likely to generate quite that much interest.

Update 3 February 2013: The final tally for that day was 12,425 hits to the Hole of which 12,242 hits were on Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army. 183 hits were from normal visitors 😆

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