Spots the Space Marine

So in what seems like a silly bit of corporate bullying Games Workshop ((known by many wargamers as the Evil Empire)) sent a cease and desist order to over a book called “Spots the Space Marine”.

Games Workshop contended that the use of the term “Space Marine” infringed their copyright and weakened their intellectual property. blocked the sale of the book, probably just to be on the safe side.

So, looking at the book’s cover to the right, there is nothing even remotely resembling a Games Workshop Space Marine.

In any case, Games Workshop didn’t invent the term. Robert A Heinlein wrote about Space Marines in the 1930s.

Bob Olsen also wrote about Space Marines in 1956 – indeed, these space marines, it seems, were fighting with slavers.

I seem to even recall reading some stories by E.E. “Doc” Smith when I was a young lad that made reference to space marines as well.

On a positive note, the hue and cry that occurred across the Interwebs about this seems to have reversed Games Workshop’s position.

I guess the morale for this story for Games Workshop at least is that there were books and stories before there were figure ranges illustrating them – time for the Games Workshop legal department to try reading a little pre-1990 literature!

Space Marines! Space Marines! Space Marines! Space Marines! Space Marines!Space Marines!

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