Singapore Airlines–you got to be kidding!

imageI went to book a flight on SQ from Brisbane to Jakarta and then on to Singapore. Singapore airlines quoted over $4000 Aussie dollars for that in economy class. Now I know that the airlines all have restrictive trade agreements with travel agents in Australia but really, $4,000? Malaysia Airlines at $700 will definitely get this one!

imageJust to make sure I was not being unfair to Singapore Airlines, I did a flight booking for Brisbane to Singapore only. That was $590. So do I conclude that the cost of travelling an additional 1 hour 40 minutes and return is $3,410?

One more check to be really really fair.


So, it seems that for $690 I can travel to Jakarta from Brisbane on Singapore Air. The return flight Jakarta to Singapore is the one costing $3,300. Er, just for interest, I checked the first class flight, Jakarta to Singapore. That was one US $846 so I have no idea where the other $3,000 comes from!

Singapore Air, you may be a great way to fly but your booking system has a wee issue or two

4 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines–you got to be kidding!

  1. thomo the lost 1 March 2013 / 12:01 am


    Singapore Airlines removed the post about this from their Facebook page – booo!

    However, feeds from Thomo’s Hole to Facebook also echo on my Twitter Feed – Singapore airlines noted on Twitter:

    Singapore Airlines ‏@SingaporeAir
    @thomo_the_lost Hi, thanks for highlighting. Could you drop us an email at with your contact details pls? 1/2

    Singapore Airlines ‏@SingaporeAir
    @thomo_the_lost Our colleagues will look into this and be in touch with you. Thank you. 2/2

    I have written to sq_social as well as posted details on this on their online feedback form. I will update here if and when I hear anything back


  2. thomo the lost 1 March 2013 / 10:29 am

    I received an email from Singapore Airlines this morning, the text of which is:
    10:08 (17 minutes ago)

    to me
    Dear Mr Thompson,

    Thank you for taking the time to write in to us.

    First, let me reassure you that your Facebook post has not been removed. If
    you click on “Posts by Others” on our Facebook wall and stroll through,
    you’ll see that your post is still there. We value feedback from our
    customers and will not delete posts unless they contain material that is
    discriminatory, abusive or contains profanity, for example.

    With regards to your feedback on our fares, we would be grateful if you
    allow us to look into this and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have
    concluded our findings.

    Warm regards
    Public Affairs Department
    Singapore Airlines Limited

    It seems I was in error about the post being removed (my apologies SQ) and it is still there under “Posts by Others” (


    • Thomo the Lost 2 March 2013 / 11:40 am

      I did receive a final confirmation from Singapore Airlines that there was indeed a difficulty in the booking system where multiple destinations were involved and the best solution was to book each leg separately.

      Well done SQ for getting a response back to me and clearing up the issue.


  3. Jack 2 March 2013 / 8:59 pm

    You should book Brisbane-Jakarta return, and just not show up for the last Sin-Brisbane flight, will be much cheaper. The itinerary requested is not a simple return fare, as such the computer is a bit confused by your request. Yes, doesn’t make sense to you and I, but that’s airline pricing in a nutshell.


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