Field of Glory – Online

Pressure is starting to mount on my camp – the light cavalry won’t protect it for long from the rampaging knights. Camps need to be protected and count against your score if they are pillaged

Whilst I am not a fan of Field of Glory (FoG) – the table top miniatures rules – for big ancient battles I still prefer De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (DBMM), I love Field of Glory online.

Travelling a fair bit, as well as living on one side of Singapore to my local opponent means not so many face-to-face games. FoG Online from Slitherine is well executed computer based wargame. It seems a good interpretation of the FoG rules but with the computer doing all the mental work, I can’t see any of that and just see the probabilities on combat and the results of those combats.

The game options let you switch everything off so that you are left with screens like those illustrated here, where you see the troops and a marker to show where they are engaged.

Meanwhile my troops (the blokes with the green circles underneath them) are also hard-pressed by Anthony’s minions (the red circles) on the other flank

You can also see from here the hex nature of the movement and firing system. The game is played on a hexagonal grid which controls movement and firing. Each element of troops exercises a zone of control around itself so to skirt through the enemy line you need to punch a hole in it.

Like all good wargames too, troops are at their weakest when contacted in the rear and are also weak when contacted to flank. In fact, if I had to offer general tactical advice I’d suggest that the best option is to work the flanks.

The game system also ensures that to contact a troop’s rear, you should be pointing towards it and past the flank of the troop, otherwise combat is on the front of the troop.

The artificial intelligence in these rules is quite good too with some difficulty beating the computer.

All-in-all, I like these rules and would recommend them to anyone who likes ancient wargames.

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