Update 1 – on pre-electronic wargame figure ordering – a piece of history

Back on March 18th I posted about Pre-electronic wargame figure ordering – a piece of history. I just checked my bank statement and there was line noting that Navwar UK had put through a charge of £55.30 to my credit card on 28 March 2013. That was the complete amount and the postage for my order for some modern warships to add to Thomo’s ever growing lead-pile here in Singapore.

That also means that as I posted the letter on 18 March 2013 at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, it has taken 10 days for the letter to arrive at Navwar’s shop in Ilford, England and for Navwar to fill the order, pack it and take it to the Post Office. Past experience has shown me that Navwar charge when the order is filled and ready to send.

So, allowing for the fact that Good Friday was 29 March and 1 April was also a holiday in the UK, I should have a parcel back in my letterbox next Monday, 8 April.

Maybe the old technology still works?

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