The Burmese

All the materials ready for basing the figures
All the materials ready for basing the figures

I had ordered some Burmese – enough for one DBA army both as an opponent for the Khmer and because I needed to purchase 4 Khmer crossbowmen. I didn’t feel like sending an order to Ian Kay at Irregular Miniatures for four figures so he ended up getting the order for the Burmese. I reckon when I get around to the Indonesians and Malay I’ll be on to Grumpy’s figures.

The figures arrived very quickly from Irregular, taking about 7 days from order to delivery. In fact they arrived a few days sooner than I expected.

I put the magnetic material on the bottom of the MDF bases before starting on the figures.

I set to work with file and X-acto knife on the figures, cleaning the flash. Some of the figures had a fair bit of flash but it was fairly easy to clean off. Irregular seems to use a softer metal than some other manufacturers.

The figures on MDF ready for the flocking of the bases
The figures on MDF ready for the flocking of the bases

Once the flash was cleaned off the figures were attached to bases ready for the flocking to come.

There was no need to trim bases in this batch like I had to with the Khmer as there are no real close order troops in the Burmese army.

The elephant is a beast however. I have managed to delete my fingerprints again – I guess I’ll be using my plan B key at the office to get in tomorrow morning as the fingerprint reader is not going to be able to read me.

There are so many crew for the elephant – in fact two of them fell off just after the photos were taken. I’ve decided to leave them off tonight and will attempt to glue them on tomorrow night after all the other glued on blokes have had a chance to let the glue cure.

I decided to finish off this blog post with a couple if pictures of the elephant to give you an idea of how much of a beast it is.

The beast from the port side
The beast from the port side
The starboard side view of the elephant and crew - this is the side where the crew have fallen off
The starboard side view of the elephant and crew – this is the side where the crew have fallen off

13 thoughts on “The Burmese

  1. Arsenus Lupenus 15 April 2013 / 3:33 am

    Great army! Never tried this game. Seems to me there too many troops! 🙂 I prefer HotT! 😀


    • thomo the lost 15 April 2013 / 8:42 am

      There are only 33 figures plus the Nellie and crew so not that many. Painting time, when I start, will be 7 to 10 days of a few hours a night.

      Some of my HotT armies have more figures than that 🙂


    • thomo the lost 15 April 2013 / 1:35 pm

      Mind you, that elephant with all that crew … add to that one or two Khmer artillery elephants, a Thai or Khmer general’s elephant and some other Nellies as like Spears or knights or some such and you have a really interesting HotT army. Hmm, I must think that through some more – who can resist an elephant or 12? 😉

      Play Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” as background music and perhaps a video screen showing that old 1954 movie “Elephant Walk” that starred Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews and Peter Finch set in Ceylon – “One man claimed the land. Two men claimed the woman who lived there.”

      Hmm, I think we’re on to something here. Thought for a future post.


      • Arsenus Lupenus 15 April 2013 / 2:06 pm

        I mean there are so many different troops to build an army. 🙂
        Some of my hott armies too have many miniatures. 😀


  2. Daniel 15 April 2013 / 8:01 pm

    The Burmese also look great, especially the elephant with all the crew hanging off! It looks like a total nightmare to assemble … might have to pin some of those guys on? I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the Irregular 15mm figures, but I have to say these and the Khmer look pretty nice. Given the price, I might have to shout myself a south-east Asian DBA army 🙂 It can always fight the Yuan dynasty force I am building up!


    • thomo the lost 15 April 2013 / 10:06 pm

      I have two more of those crew figures to glue back on tonight – but yeah, the elephant is impressive 😆


      • Daniel 19 April 2013 / 1:10 pm

        Well I couldn’t resist — I’ve ordered a Khmer DBA army from Irregular, though I made sure I had enough figures for all the elements! 😉 Now to find some painting references … have you looked at all for any painting information yourself?


      • thomo the lost 19 April 2013 / 1:31 pm

        Bwahahahaha – I shall have to write to Irregular and organise my commission cheque 😆

        No painting references yet – I can suggest having a look at:


  3. Doug 18 April 2013 / 3:42 pm

    Look, we can’t ALL have Burmese… some of them will have to be Khmer, or the Malaysians…


    • thomo the lost 18 April 2013 / 6:03 pm

      Oh course we can – petty warlords and what have you – look at the Rajputs – over 20 little princes 😛


      • Doug 18 April 2013 / 6:14 pm

        But I wouldn’t want to. I want a different style army, so after the Rajputs, I wil probably do enough figures to morph into Later Muslim Indian, then kick off painting my Alexandrian Macedonian (Tin Soldier figs).


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