Slingshot 286 Jan/Feb 2013

ss286 coverSlingshot, the journal of the Society of Ancients, arrived here in Singapore yesterday. A wonderful cover representing the arrival of Hanno the Great to hear the demands of the mutineers during the Libyan War of 240 BCE.

The contents of the journal this time include Part 3 of  “a Short History of the Iberian Peninsula from 400 to 1100 CE”, this part dealing with the Visigoths, a topic of interest to me.

Also included is “The Western Mediterranean Way of Warfare Debates” a lively discussion of the Western Mediterranean. Nick Harbud presents a piece on building an army for a wargame, there is a continuation of a piece called Transjordanian Tales, discussing warfare and wargaming prospects around Moab in Biblical times. This has almost had me reaching for some chariots but no … elephants first!

The rest of the journal is filled with pieces about some wargame competitions and such.

As a whole, the journal is always worth a read and it is inevitably on top of the growing pile of reading next to me here.

If you haven’t seen a Slingshot recently or have an interest in ancient warfare and wargames and haven’t seen a Slingshot at all, I can recommend this journal. It is colour throughout and for the £24.00 membership fee (Slingshot is free to members, 6 times a year) it is money well spent.

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