Khmer and Burmese – Step 1

Burmese on the right and Khmer on the left drying after undercoating
Burmese on the right and Khmer on the left drying after undercoating

After the excruciating effort of super gluing all the figures to Irregular Miniatures Burmese elephant – not to mention several successful attempts at gluing my fingers together ((and the ensuing problems the next couple of days at the office when the finger-print reader at the door no longer recognises my fingerprint)) – I was ready to start the next step – gluing the basing material on and undercoating. First however, there was one more &$*&@#£ archer to glue back on that &$*&@#£ elephant.

Base material of fine grade sand and some larger grains was stuck to the base with some Woodland Scenics glue ((which mercifully does not glue ones fingers together)). The figures were let stand for 24 hours and then undercoated in Army Colours brown. I guess I need to start researching uniform colours – or find another project to get in the way of this 🙂

And yes, that is the &$*&@#£ Burmese elephant on the right hand side of the pachyderms!

One thought on “Khmer and Burmese – Step 1

  1. Doug 7 May 2013 / 6:09 pm

    Nice, I shall watch these with interest


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