Some Interesting Blogs

Trawling around the Internet over the weekend and I came across a couple of interesting blogs:

Gruntz 15mm – Weathering Tires has a good description of painting 1/300, 1/285 scale tyres to give them that weathered appearance. I’ve always found black is too black and grey is not black enough. Gruntz does an excellent job.

The other is a period that I have always wanted to dabble in and there  is a lot to be said for dabbling in said period in 6mm as well, Wargaming France 1940 rediscovered. A nice picture of some Heroics & Ros tanks on the banner and you’re in to it.

As if I didn’t have enough projects on the go now … my mind is starting to contemplate even more!

Anyway, both blogs are worth stopping by, especially if you are into 6mm.

One thought on “Some Interesting Blogs

  1. Funnily enough, I have all the models required for France 1940, BEF, French and German😉 It’s a fun period with some pretty ramshackle equipment, where Matilda II and Char B1 are the King Tigers of the day.


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