MV Swift Rescue

The Swift Rescue - submarine rescue ship
The Swift Rescue – submarine rescue ship

If you are going to have some submarines and you are new to them, then really, you need a good submarine rescue vessel. The Singapore Navy has the MV Swift Rescue.

The Swift Rescue is a submarine support vessel. It was launched in 2008 and is the first vessel of its type in the South-East Asian region. As a submarine escape and rescue (SMER) vessel, the Swift Rescue is equipped with a submersible rescue vehicle, Deep Search and Rescue 6 (DSAR 6). The submersible and the Swift Rescue permit the escape of sailors from a distressed and submerged submarine.

The vessel has a helipad for emergency evacuations of wounded and a medical centre with an 8-bed High Dependency Ward and 10-bed Sick Bay. The vessels also has a re-compression chamber that can hold 40 personnel at a time – and as the Republic of Singapore submarines are crewed by 23 crew, there is space for expansion or the future purchase of larger submarines.

One of the life-boats
One of the life-boats

The MV Swift Rescue was launched on 29 November 2008. She is 85 metres long with a beam of 18 metres and displaces 4,000t. She has a crew of 27 and a speed of 12 knots. She is unarmed.


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