Indian Navy – Part 2

The first prototype for the Indian Navy -a Kilo class submarine in 1/3000th scale

I took the prototype painting effort on the 1/3000th Navwar modern ships mentioned in the post, 1/3000th modern – a test vessel and applied it to the first of the Indian vessels as a second test bed. For the sea base I used a lighter more fluorescent green this time which seems to give a better finish.

As submarines are essentially black and as black in this scale is very absolute in that it sucks all the detail out of the figure, I decided that I would try with a very, very dark grey and trust to the black ink wash to leave some detail showing but to make the vessel look black overall.

An easier to paint vessel would be hard to find. After painting and inking the hull it was out with the paint pen to mark the edges of the hull hatches that are, as far as I understand, the escape hatches.

It is quite a satisfying black this way. The difference in shade between “black” black and really dark grey with a black ink wash is apparent if you look at the dot of black paint inside the white rings – it looks darker. Still, I am sure that will even out after varnishing.

One down, 5 more boats to go, then to start in the ships.

2 thoughts on “Indian Navy – Part 2

  1. Doug 30 May 2013 / 8:36 am

    Looking good, hopefully you noticed the painting advance on the Soviets last night?


  2. benjaminwalton 30 May 2013 / 1:22 pm

    Very nice sir. I do my subs the same way dark grey, black wash, varnish and then there on the gaming table 🙂


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