Submarines – some more

As we were speaking about Submarines the other day, Douglas sent me a link to the Telegraph. I will admit, I do prefer the UK Telegraph to the Australian abomination but I never really read the UK Telly all that much when I was there. Obviously, after this article, I should have.

It seems that the Spanish have been busily building a nice new submarine – the S-80, of which four are on order. There is only one slight problem. Apparently the submarines are too heavy. The Telegraph reported that:

Last month it emerged that the Isaac Peral sub – part of the new S-80 series and named in honour of the Spanish man credited by some as the inventor of the underwater vessel – was at least 75 tons overweight, an excess that could compromise its ability to surface after submerging

Oops. Seems the Australians are not the only ones with Submarine woes.

Oh, and in the way of things, the S-80 is being named after Isaac Peral who is credited with designing and building the first practical submarine. And yes I know, the American Civil War produced submarines on both sides, Brutus de Villeroi being credited with the first of the Union ones, but these were all powered by hand. Peral’s had an engine!

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