Just stop painting! Rajput-class finished

The Rajput-class of the Indian Navy with some of the Navwar aircraft
The Rajput-class of the Indian Navy with some of the Navwar aircraft

I have to learn when to stop – even now I can see some extra things that need to be done – like lightening the deck colour a wee bit, it’s about 2 shades too dark. After spending just over an hour tonight on the three ships I decided that I just need to learn when to stop painting – so I stopped painting.

Still, I am quite happy with the results. The Rajputs are Navwar and in 1/3000th scale.

The vessels are about 40mm long.

The Rajput class guided-missile destroyers built for the Indian Navy are modified versions of Soviet Kashin class destroyers. The ships were built in the former Soviet Union after considerable Indian design modifications to the Kashin design. These included the replacement of the helicopter pad in the original design with a flight elevator, as well as major changes to the electronics and combat systems. Five units were built for export to India in the 1980s. All units are currently attached to the Eastern Naval Command.

Rajput class destroyers were the first ships in the Indian Navy to deploy the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile systems.

The Rajput class have an anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare role for carrier task force defence against submarines, low-flying aircraft, and cruise missiles.

Also pictured are some of the Navwar aircraft. In this case there are 6 Harriers, three Ka25s masquerading as Ka27s – the helicopter carried on the rear flight deck of the Rajputs. Also shown are two Il38s, maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft.

I am planning on replacing the aircraft with some 1/1200 scale models later from the Cap Aero range or from Alnavco. In the meantime, these will serve.

5 thoughts on “Just stop painting! Rajput-class finished

  1. Doug 10 June 2013 / 8:42 am

    Look very nice indeed mate. Good job. I get an error when I try and look at the larger jpeg though?


    • thomo the lost 10 June 2013 / 8:49 am

      Just checked here and the larger jpeg is loading ok.

      Is it still failing there?


  2. Doug 12 June 2013 / 9:14 am

    still fails on the home machine – (using Firefox) – loads ok on the work machine (using IE8)


    • thomo the lost 12 June 2013 / 10:21 am

      Interesting. Loads OK on Chrome and IE10 … I haven’t used Firefox for so long on my PCs – I’ll check tonight on Madam’s when I get home.


    • thomothelost 12 June 2013 / 8:46 pm

      Works fine on Firefox here as well. Suggest a F5 on your home machine when browsing that page again and all might be well 🙂


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