Tears in my Eyes and a Smile on my Lips – Seven Years On

It’s been seven years. It still feels like yesterday that Dad kicked on but really, seven years? Goodness how the time has passed.

I still miss him. Every day something still reminds me of him and I smile quietly to myself. I noted seven years ago in Tears in my Eyes and a Smile on my Lips that,

Dad was a happy guy. I cannot remember dad being miserable for any length of time. Even when the doctor told him about his anuerism, a night’s sleep and the happy hormone took over and he carried on. He sometimes got grumpy, especially as he got older, but he generally always had a smile and a happy word.

I thought I had only inherited one thing from him, the happy hormone. Seems I inherited two things from him – the grumpy old bugger syndrome as well!

I wrote more about Dad six years ago especially about how he liked helping people, making Meals on Wheels deliveries with Mum when he was 80 (Mum is still making Meals on Wheels deliveries seven years later).

I can still see him and hear him, his pedantic way of describing things, his joy in the antics, tales and stories of his kids and grand-kids, and his desire to complete his model railroad layout. To be honest, I think the model railroad layout is like my wargames painting – there is always something else to be done, or painted, or modelled – perhaps that is what keeps us big boys young, even when we reach 80 and a half like Dad did.

I know mum still misses him although the budgerigar has taken over as her conversation companion – still, she smiles and laughs when she thinks of him.

That was Dad – someone who could make you smile and laugh, someone you were happy to spend time with.

When I think of my Dad, I still think of him with a tear in my eyes and a smile on my lips. Dad, there’s a beer on the bar here for you tonight!

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