The Indian Fleet is finished

Painted, based, labelled and varnished – ready to have at the Chinese (and maybe later the Japanese … or ASEAN … or … ). Models are all Navwar.

2013-07-01 23.54.55
The INS Vikrant – with some escorts
2013-07-01 23.55.06
The Rajput class destroyers
2013-07-01 23.55.16
Ocean going patrol vessels
2013-07-01 23.55.25
2013-07-01 23.55.30
2013-07-01 23.55.42
Indian Navy Kilo-class submarines
2013-07-01 21.19.13
The fleet overall – including the odd aircraft
2013-07-01 23.54.36
The fleet – each square is 1cm x 1cm


8 thoughts on “The Indian Fleet is finished

    • I’ll be happy when I finish the PLAN. Strategy and Tactics this month has a piece on the Pacific War between Chile, Bolivia and Peru and I have figures and boats … the light, argh the bright shiny light – must resist!


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