On the Workbench – the PLAN

The PLAN under coated and the first ink wash applied
The PLAN under coated and the first ink wash applied

I started the Chinese Tuesday night. Well, truth be told I had based and under-coated already so I took the opportunity to wash them all in black ink. I will start on the carrier first.

I am looking to use a grey that is somewhat lighter than the grey the Indians were painted in. It will almost be white but at the same time I want it to appear as a grey. Very, very light grey.

The black ink wash is good because it naturally darkens some areas at the same time as bringing the detail out.

Painting session Thursday night I hope – the target is to get the carrier finished.

4 thoughts on “On the Workbench – the PLAN

  1. Matthew Hinks 4 July 2013 / 8:56 am

    Who’s ships are you using for this, GHQ, CinC, Shapeways?


      • Doug 4 July 2013 / 10:21 pm

        Just looking at the ships when I blow the picture up, the escorts on the left are showing some pretty serious mould lines. Probably not noticeable in this scale, but the ink-wash does show them up. My Seewulf 1/2400 choppers turned up today – they are tiny!!! Just about to glue some of them onto the deck of the Brit Carriers.


      • thomothelost 5 July 2013 / 12:01 pm

        Yeah – and that was after cleaning up the mould lines. I’m thinking that they will look fine after paint is applied. Maybe I should put lower resolution photos up 😛

        I started the Liaoning Tuesday night and hoped to finish it last night night but didn’t quite get it done. Have birthday dinner with local friends tonight for Madam (Brazilian BBQ seemed appropriate) and then a 40th birthday pub golf day tomorrow so I won’t get the Liaoning finished until Sunday. Still, it is looking good and I have high hopes for the PLAN as a fleet.

        The Liaoning is almost as big as the Nimitz. Liaoning is 304m long, 75m broad across flight deck and has a draught of 10m. The Nimitz is 322m x 76m x 11m draught. Nimitz carries 90 aircraft whilst the Liaoning will apparently carry 54 so I guess the Nimitz is a little more crowded below decks


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