The PLAN – the first ship completed

Well, I did paint the submarines already but they are technically boats so this is definitely the first of the PLAN ships.

The Liaoning finished
The Liaoning finished – port-side view – labelled and with the sea base painted. I am particularly happy with the way the deck markings came out. I’m feeling so confident with them now that I am starting to plan the painting of the carriers for the American and Japanese side for the Battle of the Philippines Sea.
2013-07-07 13.32.33
The Liaoning finished. The starboard view of the Liaoning. There was a lot of confusing information on the Internet concerning the deck markings but I managed to find some satellite shots that confirmed the marking positions. As she is armed with about 30 J-15s along with 24 Super Frelons (Z-8s) and Ka-31s there are less helicopter marked landing spots on the deck than previously thought or planned. I guess the fighter pilots get confused with too may markings.
A Pilot's eye view
A pilot’s eye view of the Liaoning although it does look like he is coming in too high. I am still debating with myself whether or not to paint the arrestor cables in across the landing path.
The Vikrant and Liaoning together
The Liaoning finished – port-side comparison with the INS Vikrant. Whilst India will soon be a three carrier navy, the next two shots provide some idea of scale between the Liaoning and the Vikrant.
The Liaoning finished - port-side comparison with the INS Vikrant
The Liaoning finished – port-side comparison with the INS Vikrant. There is a very sizeable difference between the two carriers.

Mucking around with DBA terrain tonight – back to the PLAN tomorrow night I think.

4 thoughts on “The PLAN – the first ship completed

  1. Anthony 8 July 2013 / 8:27 am

    Only one problem with putting it on the table, China does not have a working carrier…or at the very least does not have the planes to fly from her 🙂


  2. thomo the lost 15 July 2013 / 2:26 pm

    Mark noted:

    Hi Ian,

    I have been admiring your painting of the Liaoning. Particularly the deck markings.

    I have tried to get straight lines on 10mm British tanks for the Caunter colour scheme and gave up.

    How did you get the deck markings so perfect. Is there a particular technique?




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