Vale Alta Vista

I’ve been a user of the Internet for quite a few years and Thomo’s Hole has had one residence or another out on the Interwebs over that time – certainly since the mid 1990s. Over that period and up until Google came along, Alta Vista was the search engine I used the most – once we moved on from gophers (remember gophers?).

It is with a wee touch of sadness that I bid farewell to Alta Vista. Yahoo, the owners of Alta Vista and who paid a bazillion dollars way back to acquire Alta Vista have switched it off and now use Microsoft’s Bing as their search engine in Yahoo. I will continue to use Google.

Vale Alta Vista.

One thought on “Vale Alta Vista

  1. Doug 10 July 2013 / 3:42 pm

    Yep, I remember Alta Vista. It was a genuinely good search engine for its day.


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