Too Much Chinggis Khaan

In what can is the oddest thing I have seen the Mongol government do since renaming the Buyant-Ukhaa airport (Mongolian: Буянт-Ухаа нисэх онгоцны төв буудал) the Chinggis Khaan Airport is this. It was reported today that Сүхбаатарын талбайг Чингис хааны нэрэмжит талбай болголоо. Now I know not many of you read Mongol Cyrillic so I’ll roughly translate.

Sukhbaatar Square in central Ulaanbaatar has being renamed Chinggis Khaan Square. This has just ensured that there is only ever one Mongol – Chinggis Khaan. There are no other Mongols any more. Mongolia has become one-dimensional – coal and Chinggis Khaan.

So, now you land at the Chinggis Khaan International airport. You are picked up and travel along Chinggis Khaan Avenue into the city, sipping on a Chinggis Khaan vodka. When you drive past Chinggis Khaan Square on your way to the Chinggis Khaan  Hotel you stop and pick-up some Khuushuur ((a kind of Mongol takeaway schnitzel)) to munch on with your vodka. If the vodka and khuurshuur cause you stomach problems, you can probably also wipe your bottom on Chinggis Khaan toilet paper.

There was even talk a couple of years ago about renaming Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan something or other.

Zaisan, the mountain to the south of Ulaanbaatar should beware, it is likely to be renamed Chinggis Khaan Hill at this rate. I believe the memorial there to Soviet and Mongol soldiers killed in the second World War and by the Kwantung Army at the Battle of Khalkin-gol ((Nomonhan to the Japanese)) has been removed or there is talk of removing it as well.

What of the other Mongols who have contributed to the Mongol present? What of:

  • Natsagdorj
  • Zanazabar
  • Zorig
  • Roy Chapman Andrews ((OK, so he is an honorary Mongolian))
  • Ungern von Sternberg ((Yeah, yeah, he was a White Russian but he was dictator of Mongolia for a period))
  • Sukhbaatar
  • Buyant Ukhaa ((so what if Buyant Ukhaa is a hill?))?

I guess the next step is to name the Oyu Tolgoi mine (Mongolian: Оюу Толгой) the Chinggis Khaan mine?

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