Wargames Illustrated – Review Subscription or Not?

imageIt used to be Miniature Wargames that I looked at from time to time and thought, “once again, it promises so much but it never actually delivers”. At those times I was receiving Wargames Illustrated (WI) on subscription in Australia. Then I moved to Singapore and took a subscription here for WI – starved as I was at the time for Wargaming content to life. To be honest, for a house magazine, it was good. It almost persuaded me to try Flames of War, or at least the eye candy almost persuaded me.

Lately though there has been a sameness about each issue and whilst I appreciate the attempt to ensure that about half the magazine only is devoted to Flames of War the magazine is, just, well, boring really.

However, in what is one of those twists of annoying fate, the issue immediately after the one my subscription finished on is an issue about the Russian and Japanese. This is because they are covering the addition of the Japanese to Flames of War, but one of the battles they are covering is Nomonhan (more correctly Khalkin-gol as that is the name in the local language). After my time in Mongolia, this is a battle I have an interest in. There is also a piece on the Russian Civil War, also something of interest, in part as it spilled into Mongolia.

But subscribe for another year? Fork out US $96 ((how do they justify AU $144 for Aussie and New Zealand subscriptions?)) for another 12 months of hard copy magazines? Yes, I can get some nice figures from them if I subscribe but it is a hard copy magazine at a time when I like digital magazines – they arrive in my inbox straight away and are light and easy to carry and store – and they are considerably cheaper.

Sigh – maybe a quick look at Anthony’s before I make up my mind. Last thing I need is some figures in a period I am not involved in yet to send me off an yet another tangent!

Wargames Illustrated! Go digital please!

3 thoughts on “Wargames Illustrated – Review Subscription or Not?

  1. benjaminwalton 20 July 2013 / 2:01 pm

    Yup I always feel the same, I also seem to remember that when I got WI when I was a kid in the 90s it had a wider spread of content, with articles on a range of periods…. could just be looking back with rose tinted glasses. WSS im really enjoying at the moment


    • Wolf Baginski 20 September 2013 / 9:09 pm

      The magazine has changed a lot since I last read it. Too much change for my taste, but I have changed too. Different owners, and different editors; I feel like a newcomer. William Tare Fox is lurking in the shadows.


  2. thomo the lost 22 September 2013 / 11:29 am

    I would take it again if it went digital and at a reduced price because of it. One of the advantages of the wagames press over the years was the advertisements and the new products that they mentioned. Living in either the Antipodes or on the road for the last bazillion years, with the exception of the three years in England, there was not the chance to get to the wargame shows regularly to see what was new. The magazines were indispensable for those new products.

    Now the Internet makes it easier to check favoured manufacturers for new releases and even to chase down figures when I have a “I wonder about …” thought. The relevance of the magazines from that perspective is diminishing. WSS has been getting the mix right recently and Miniatures Wargames with Battlegames is starting the head in that direction. I do hope Wargames Illustrated manages too in the future.


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