Strategy and Tactics – War in the Pacific

S_TAlso arriving last Friday in Singapore and adding to my reading list pile was issue #282 of Strategy and Tactics magazine. The issue with this issue for me is the main article concerns the War of the Pacific (Guerra del Pacífico).

War of the Pacific was a war fought between Chile on the one side and Bolivia and Peru on the other over a piece of desert rich with one of the key ingredients to gunpowder. Bolivia lost its access to the sea as a result of this war.

I have some ships in 1/2400th on my painting queue for this war as well as some 10mm figures from Pendraken Miniatures. I also discussed a brief history of this conflict in The War of the Pacific – 1879 to 1883 – Naval Matters and War of the Pacific – 1879 to 1883.

Why is this an issue? It is tempting to put everything aside tonight and start painting these little beasties – sigh, another bright shiny object.

Other Articles in the latest issue of Strategy and Tactics includes:

Churchill (Winston) vs. the Zeppelins – the story of the WW1 German zeppelin blitz against England in 1915

Charlemagne’s Empire – a military analysis of the founding of the Holy Roman Empire in AD 800

The Indo-Pakistan Wars – a detailed analysis of the wars India has fought and won against Pakistan since 1948 (which kind of fits in with the naval vessels I’ve been painting recently)

Another good issue and recommended.

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