Buffalo, Fiat and Fokker from the Finnish airforce
Buffalo, Fiat and Fokker from the Finnish airforce

I had also been thinking about painting some aircraft (Raiden Miniatures) for some Winter War air battles. I was also looking at getting some more 1/3000th Naval to paint ((actually I am thinking if bringing back the battle packs at Mum’s after Christmas – Matapan, Jutland and the Philippine Sea all from Navwar – every surface ship engaged – why do I need to buy any more at the moment?)) along with considering getting some 1/72 for battling with Anthony when suddenly, like a flash of light, an epiphany!

Focus Thomo focus!

I-16 and Soviet bombers
I-16 and Soviet bombers

Yep, I discovered focus. At the moment the Burmese and Khmer are prepped and ready for painting so they will be the next item on the painting queue. They will be followed by the War of the Pacific ships and then I’ll decide what follows after that later.


One thought on “Focus

  1. benjaminwalton 3 August 2013 / 3:22 pm

    Focus you say sir… what would that be. Looking forward to seeing the finns painted up. love the eclectic nature of their air force, plus where can you go wrong with a buffalo.

    Im still wourking on my pacific war ships so it will be good to see which mintures you use for which ships, im a bit stuck on some of them


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