A Test Hill

2013-08-11 22.09.56
The test hill – 3mm plastic sheet with terrain paper glued to the top. Next time I will build and glue step by step

I had been mucking around to make some 6mm terrain for the 6mm DBA project. As such, I wanted some short (i.e., not too tall) hills. The object was to build 6mm terrain that I could carry in a small box. For 15mm, I’ll make some bigger hills.

I had cut a few test hills in 3mm thick plastic sheet and they seemed ok but looked kind of, ordinary, just painted in a green. I thought I would try to affix some flocked grass and as I had some sheets laying around, it was out with the Elmer’s spray on glue and let’s see what we can do.

The hill above is the result.It is a test and I learned a lot about spray glue and terrain sheets from this test. The next will go better I am sure.

8 thoughts on “A Test Hill

  1. Daniel 12 August 2013 / 6:51 pm

    Oooh 6mm DBA project, that sounds very interesting – what armies/period are you thinking? I love 6mm, got a few 6mm DBA armies on the construction (later Seleucids, Republican Roman) that I never finished before starting new projects :-/ What manufacturer(s) are you using? I have mostly gone for Baccus cavalry and Rapier infantry, as I think they look great with lots of character, as well as a couple of irregular elephants thrown in the mix.


    • thomo the lost 12 August 2013 / 11:06 pm

      It’s a Punic Wars project so Romans, Carthos, Numidians, Spanish, Gauls er and I forgot what the others were 🙂

      Figures are Baccus. Having said that, I do like the Rapier stuff as well. I have some Parthians of theirs to paint up.

      A final secret confession – I also like Ros and Heroics and have a number of their figures in the lead pile too.

      The Numidians are painted. The Romans are half painted and I actually brushed the dust off them tonight and started on them again.

      Photographs will follow in time.


      • Daniel 22 August 2013 / 9:01 am

        Interesting stuff mate, and what’s funnier still is when I was planning on starting a 6mm DBA project, your numidians were one of the armies I found when doing a google search. I didn’t realise I was reading earlier entries in your blog ages before I started reading it again (not actually sure how I came across it the second time, actually …).

        For some shots of Rapier Parthians (and other miniatures), all painted to a very high standard, check out http://cranium27.wordpress.com/.

        If I’m in Singapore again for work I’ll have to finish off and bring along my 6mm Seleucids and we can have a DBA battle or two 😀


      • thomo the lost 22 August 2013 / 10:08 am

        It seems I am becoming well read – well, not me so much as the blog – I currently get more hits per day than the company website 🙂 I’m also starting to turn up more and more at the top of Google searches.

        I have some Rapier figures at home here to get around to painting. I finally settled on 15mm basing with 3 to 4 6mm figures per 1 15mm figure (only a wargamer could make sense of this sentence).

        Do make contact next time you are passing in Singapore. Even if you don’t bring a DBA army I am sure we can organise some sort of figure of game and we are mostly harmless here. I should have the Polybian Romans painted in about a week so 6mm DBA would be available. 15mm DBA already is.

        I looked at Dr Mike’s blog at http://cranium27.wordpress.com/. I can see myself spending an hour or three later today having a good read.


  2. Daniel 23 August 2013 / 10:22 pm

    Cool … I will definitely give you a buzz when I am Singapore next and we’ll roll some dice 😉 Have you ever played Impetus? I have been desperately trying to avoid starting a new project (and will probably fail …) — a 10mm Basic Impetus force. I quite like the look of 10mm as a scale, and I’ve seen a few nice 10mm basic impetus forces. The question is what army/period? My mind is drifting towards Swiss … but I have yet to decide. Have you had much experience with either [basic] Impetus/and or 10mm figures?


  3. thomo the lost 25 August 2013 / 11:24 pm

    I’ve been looking at Impetus on and off for the last couple of years – just haven’t gotten into it yet. Still, as I understand, I will still be able to play it with the current WRG basing so it is on the list of things to have a go at – just not high up it.

    Also being considered is SPQR (Polemos Ancients). Then there is the 15mm DBMM army waiting paint in the corner there, the Aeronefs, Future War Commander, Blitzkreig Commander and 15mm ACW armies all waiting for attention (and a few others I missed out). Oh, and ship, thousands of the buggers!

    By all means, give us a shout if you are passing through, I am sure we’ll be able to find an excuse to roll dice … or at the very least, sit at a pub and talk about 6-1s and 1-6s that have remained in memory over the years. 😉


  4. Doug 29 August 2013 / 9:50 pm

    Nooooo……. not 10mm.. that and 2mm are about the only scales I haven’t started, and besides, I am very happy with DBA, DBMM and C&C for Ancients


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