Battle of White Mountain

Schlacht_am_Weißen_Berg_C-K_063Distractions, distractions. In the words of Hedly Lamarr, “my mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives!”

Well OK, there was a bright shiny object over there and I got distracted.

Today’s distraction is the Thirty Year’s War. I’ve always had an inkling to do it (and/or the English Civil for the matter) but never got around to it. A passing reference today to the Battle of White Mountain had me starting to think about it more seriously again. In the meantime, whilst I think, I’ll talk about the battle.

The Battle of White Mountain fought on 8 November 1620 effectively ended the Bohemian involvement in the Thirty Years War. 30,000 Bohemians under Christian of Anhalt were defeated by the combined armies of the Holy Roman Empire under Charles Bonaventure de Longueval, the Count of Bucuoy and the Catholic League under Johann Tserclaes, the Count of Tilly. They numbered 27,000 men. White Mountain (Bílá Hora) is near Prague. Within Tilly’s army was another famous and successful military commander of the Thirty Years War, Albrecht von Wallenstein.

I will post more about this later – I want to check my references next and get an idea of the makeup of the forces involved. In the meantime, it is another period for me to consider.

12 thoughts on “Battle of White Mountain

  1. You do know how much 15mm 30YW lead I have ? Mainly Tercio IIRC. A shoe-box full basically. If you want to do 15mm 30YW, then perhaps a deal is on the cards…😉


      • Rugs.. you want rugs?? Very nice rugs..

        – in all seriousness, I picked up a box of Tercio 30YW for a good price, they are quite a mix though. I intended to use them for ECW, but I already have 6mm ECW Scots, and wasn’t sure I wanted to paint up that period in 15mm as well. There are quite a few people at CGS who play DBR in 15mm, and renaissance FoG also seems quite popular.

        I reckon there are about three armies in there, but an eclectic mix, and matching them might be difficult. IIRC Tercio are currently out of production, though apparently the lines have been bought up.


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