Thomo’s Hole – Some Changes Coming

My hitherto free online storage is coming to an end shortly as number one technical genius at Thomo’s Hole decides to spend the money on more important things … like life 🙂

As a result, the Hole will be moving.

I’m not sure how many of you have tried to move a Hole before, especially when there are so many things in the Hole to move along with the Hole itself but I suspect the next few days will be interesting and in some respects, a little challenging.

All should be settled again by Monday of next week. I am not certain today whether I will retain the web address or whether I will end up with a Blogger or WordPress address. It is a matter of economics I guess.

Once the move is complete I will update the various feed services that take a feed from Thomo’s Hole.

And lastly, thanks Jeffro for the efforts over the years – now the technology B team will be taking over – Heaven save us all! 🙂

… Thomo the Lost

6 thoughts on “Thomo’s Hole – Some Changes Coming

  1. Anthony 25 September 2013 / 9:29 am

    Do you need a Blog?

    What if you went to a “fan page” on Facebook, or even a Community on Google+, you would still be able to post you links, photos, game reports and burger reviews, and target them in a much more dynamic medium?

    Blogs are a little last century, if you want to engage your audience…just my 2 cents?


    • thomo the lost 25 September 2013 / 10:08 am

      I considered that but whilst blogging is definitely 20th century (actually I guess, D1C21* is more accurate) it does suit my character better.

      Facebook fan page would just piss me off as Facebook is as commercial as crap and for folks to access it, they need to be a member. Facebook also does things in an attempt to maximise their cash flow (it is a business after all) but which are at odds with my ideas of how promotion and fair play should work.

      Similarly with Google+, a community there is enticing and I may well use communities for some things in the future but it requires a membership, even though Google seems a whole lot less evil than Facebook.

      So, why a weblog? Maybe I should blog that 🙂

      Thomo’s Hole has always been accessible by all, not just members of some organisation or other. It started life as a homepage with me writing HTML and later hacking CSS around. It moved into a content management system written in PHP (something else to learn) based around PHPNuke. I then ran it in Windows Live Spaces, mostly for the WYSIWYGness and me getting lazy with coding. WordPress then came along and that is where it has been for a few years now – hosted on a server using WordPress as the tool.

      I think the first HTML version of Thomo’s Hole appeared around 1996 and much of that original Hole persists as Posts Pages in the current Thomo’s Hole.

      Overall, I want Thomo’s Hole to remain freely accessible – so a blog suits that ideal better than anything else I have found so far.

      Good suggestions though and worth more than a zac but less than two-bob! 🙂


      * Decade 1, Century 21


      • Anthony 25 September 2013 / 7:30 pm

        I know what you are saying about G+, but a colleague made an interesting observation recently: FB tends to be people posting lots of stuff about what they ate, and how silly cats are, while G+ tends to be alot more specialist groups connecting over interests…so a little more than looking at cats and writing on walls.

        So I will give it a go with The Gun Bar and make observations as the weeks continue.

        I do know one weakness of G+ is the lack of ease with which you can overlap your social connections with a single post. Twitter, Instagram, FB do not talk to G+. Google have very deliberately kept it “apart” from their other tools, even cannot reach G+ without some pretty longwided workarounds.

        But time will tell if its a good replacement for blogging.


  2. Doug 25 September 2013 / 12:26 pm

    completely agree with your observations. I have no wish to use Google+ as it looks like another Facebook inspired ‘let me have all your content’, FB has specific purposes, and many people wont join it. So a Blog is the best idea.


  3. Jeff 26 September 2013 / 11:56 am

    As a lover of both pictures of cats and pictures of food (make sure you visit if you haven’t already seen it), Facebook has its place for me but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything serious on there.

    The nice thing about blogs is that they are content first and social network second. You generally find your way into the blogosphere because there’s an article someone wrote that agreed with some search terms you typed in (content first). Compare that with Facebook and Google+, where your audience finds their way to you through the network first, and I think that’s the crux of why I would choose a blog to write stuff.

    There are areas of overlap, and one could argue that a wiki would be as good as a blog, or that a forum would be as good as a Facebook group, but each has their own place.

    P.S. I’m shutting down this server for economic reasons primarily. It’s had a good run and when I set it up it still wasn’t as cheap/easy to host your blog elsewhere. But now it definitely is. And for the other stuff I used it for, it’s just as easy for me to spin up an instance in AWS for an hour or so.

    P.P.S. I really hate some of Australia’s laws. We can’t express our opinion publicly as Australian citizens anywhere without being open to litigation. Doesn’t matter where it’s hosted, doesn’t matter if you’re making money off it or not, you can still be threatened by some asshole whose scam was exposed on your Dad’s blog.


    • thomothelost 26 September 2013 / 12:14 pm

      The stupid thing about the scam incident was that they could not sue me, even though they threatened, as Australian law protects the individual against prosecution for so-called libel/slander where the alleged slandered is the government or a large company. I am fairly certain they could not have prosecuted you either. They one place they could would have would have been the service provider – doubly so if that provider was outside of Oz.


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