The first castle I saw
The first castle I saw

As you know, I’m a bit of a wargamers and military history nut. I like military history, painting toy soldiers and the like. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I ran across a castle here in Singapore.

The lady and I had decided to head down the East Coast for a walk on the edge of the Straits and a bite to eat by the seaside. Sand in the toes, a surf and turf and a bottle of something cold, a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening.

We went to the ManaMana Beach Club for a stroll and dinner.

What a pleasant surprise. Walking along the beach we ran across a sand castle. This was not the pile of sand I used to build as a child but rather a proper castle.

Defenders on the wall
Defenders on the wall

Walking along a bit further and we ran into a castle, defenders on the walls ready to repel the evil … well, evil whatevers.

I was impressed with the level of detail such as the stones in the walls and tiles on the roofs.

The soldiers and flags came from a popular toy set but the builder’s skill was amazing.

This castle was a big one.

A great way to spend a Sunday evening and when it was dark and there was no one around … I got to jump on the castle and flatten it 🙂

The big castle - with defenders
The big castle – with defenders

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