French-Indian — Battle Three at the Gun Bar

We had another round of the French-Indian Wars today. The French, pressing on from their recent success at Dresden’s Farm have pushed on up the valley. A hastily assembled British force, heavy with artillery is rapidly macrhing west along the valley to contest the French advance. The position seen in the early morning is shown in the attached photographs.

The French have reached the road junction, one column pushing ahead rapidly to secure this whilst the remaining French columns marched forward in a more orderly manner. The French artillery, small as it is, was positioned on a hill to provide as much support as it could  A regiment of dragoons also is supporting the French left flank.

The British can be seen arriving out of the morning mist – their battery of artillery already visible on the right and a single gun on the left which will create some havoc later. The other pictures show the progress of the battle. The French left and right flanks in particular were successful but the French centre was mauled by the British artillery. The end result was the honour of the field was shared as neither side was in any condition to press the attack further.

One interesting incident raised a discussion on philosophy and practice within a game. I moved my dragoons as far forward as I could towards an artillery piece, Anthony noted at that point “ah good, I can slam them with grape” but as I was still in the process of making my moves, I pulled them back to close range rather than canister. I guess in chess when you take your finger off a piece the move is complete but in a wargame where does that completion occur? Is it when you move on to the next troops to move or when you move finishes, especially in the I go you go sequences? I did charge the dragoons in next bound so they took one round of close artillery fire and one round of grape before sweeping the artillery away. I am still a little vexed with that and think maybe I should have left them there for the two rounds of grapeshot.

In the end, it was a tough battle and it ended as a bloody draw. The French had five battalions of foot to the English three. The English however had four artillery pieces to the French one. Both sides had a regiment of dragoons.

Battle four looms!

3 thoughts on “French-Indian — Battle Three at the Gun Bar

  1. Anthony 5 October 2013 / 9:23 pm

    Were you using a “dull” filter in your camera?


    • Thomo the Lost 5 October 2013 / 9:50 pm

      Just the regular – the full AAR with maybe be a wee bit better 🙂


  2. Anthony 7 October 2013 / 6:42 pm

    As I said on my G+, I think the answer to the move question is basically when the move phase baton is passed on. And that while I admit I would have loved the 2 rounds of canister at your Dragoons, I should just learn to stfu when you are making tactical blunders.


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