And Speaking of Slingshot

slingshot_288Issue 288 of Slingshot arrived a couple of days ago. With the changeover of editors and one thing and another it seems to be running a month or two behind schedule as issue 288 is the May/June issue.

I always look forward to the arrival of Slingshot and have for many years now. Not every issue is full of stuff of interest to me but generally there is enough content of interest to keep me, well, looking forward to the arrival of the next issue.

Slingshot is the official organ of the Society of Ancients and concentrates on ancient military history and ancient wargaming. This issue has some interesting reading including:

  • Part 5 of a Short History of the Iberian Peninsula from 400CE to 1100CE
  • St Albans, 17th February 1461
  • Part 3 of Transjordanian Tales
  • The Roman Republic Against the Italian Gauls
  • Gauls and Romans Scenario
  • The Calamitous Fourteenth Century
  • Tablets of Stone
  • as well as book and wargame figure reviews.

As I mentioned, this is always a good read and well worth the annual membership fee.

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