A Blogging Hiatus

Thomo’s Hole has been rather quiet of late.There have been a couple of reasons for it but principally it has been medically related. I had a small cut made in my back a while ago to remove a melanoma. I’ve spent a little while recovering from that and waiting for the final histology report to come in and tell me all is clear … but I’m still waiting, I suspect the Singapore pathologist (histologists?) are a little miffed because their initial reports were not fully correct. In addition, the dermatologist that removed the spot originally was also a bit timid so it had to be taken a second time.

This second surgeon (the one who has caused me a little back pain) looks like he got his cutting training from Erik the Red at least, hence the quiet blogging period. Also, the pain in my back had really prevented me from doing any painting.

The pain, however, is diminishing so the brushes are coming out. Once the final histologist report is received I will write up the full process, if only to send it on to a couple of doctors as I did have to organise quite a bit of the process myself.

Friday night I hope to get the first wargaming post out with the completion of my Early World War 2 Soviets. Then will be a “next on the painting queue post”, some pictures of some terrain I hope to have made over the weekend and a look at the opposition for the Soviets.

Stand by … more will be coming soon.

6 thoughts on “A Blogging Hiatus

  1. Doug 26 November 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Get well soon mate, and get back to the painting. Once I add the decals, the Germans are done.. oh… except for a dozen SdKfz 251 to cart the Panzergrenadiers about.


    • Thomo the Lost 26 November 2013 / 9:56 pm

      Decals – I have so many Soviets to decal up. Have two aircraft to paint and the early Soviets are done – then considering a couple of things for next. Trouble at the moment is my f***ing back – a slight twist at the wrong angle and I get a huge burning pain … oh well, hopefully that will disappear soon.


  2. Mark 26 November 2013 / 7:04 pm

    Get well soon Ian



    • Thomo the Lost 26 November 2013 / 9:57 pm

      Thanks Mark – I hate being at only 75% or so and this is getting in the way of painting so even those things I could do to relax I can’t do 😦


  3. Greg Kelleher 27 November 2013 / 7:51 pm

    Hi Ian,

    Hopefully the road to recovery won’t be a long one.


    • Thomo the Lost 28 November 2013 / 10:56 am

      Thanks Greg, another two days rest, stitches out, al 28 of them – not looking forward to that 15 minutes, then the weekend (more rest). I should be fighting fit by Monday … or at least walking wounded 🙂


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