What’s Under the House — 2

I have done some sorting and organising so a brief update:

Item Comment
Egyptian and Sea Peoples – 1/1200 Langton boats Sold to Seattle and currently winging their way across the Pacific … or at least on the way to the airport to start the journey
Philistines – 15mm Essex – DBMM sized army Traded with Doug for the start of my Thirty Years War project
Ptolemaic Successors – 15mm Museum – DBMM sized army Will put these up on eBay tomorrow – I just can’t and don’t like them any more
Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks – 15mm Chariot Miniatures – DBMM sized army These are truly lovely figures but with one exception (possibly) I want to concentrate my large army ancient wargaming in the Classical and Dark Age periods. I’ve found a home for these though
Seleucid Successors – 15mm Essex – DBMM sized army I like these and so am returning them to the lead pile
Bactrian Greeks – 15mm Essex – DBMM sized army Classical and I like them a lot as well – I’ll write them up later but in the meantime, they will be returned to the lead pile
WW1 Austrian Naval fleet – 1/3000 Navwar – the full fleet Returned to the lead pile – they are ships after all. Will write this up later too
WW2 Matapan – 1/3000 Navwar – both fleets The British and Italian fleets from the Battle of Matapan. Returned to the lead pile
WW2 British Pacific Fleet – 1/3000 Navwar – the whole kit and caboodle A fine collection of a lot of ships and the largest number of British carriers ever – returned to the lead pile
Warmaster Empire Fantasy – 10mm Games Workshop – very large collection Still deciding what to do with these but likely will start eBaying items from it … watch this space … or the space above
Kallistra/Pendraken Fantasy – 10mm Fantasy, a lot of figures The barbarians are now homed with Doug and hopefully he may find a home for the Ratmen

So, that’s where we are up to. Next post will be as I consider the army for increasingly misnamed DeBAKLe 2013, on in February 2014. After which, more of the lead pile and then, a summary of 2013 and a plan for 2014!

5 thoughts on “What’s Under the House — 2

  1. Chu 10 January 2014 / 12:29 pm

    Where are the link of the Ptolemaic Successors in Ebay ???


    • Thomo the Lost 10 January 2014 / 3:06 pm

      Soon – Should have them up later today, early tonight. I have just been looking at the difference between eBay Australia and eBay Singapore. I think it will be up under eBay Australia in a few hours.


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