DeBAKLe 2013 — 15 February 2014 — The Army Choice 2

So, one batch of possible armies sorted and I am holding the Nubians and the B edouin Arabs as possible armies for DeBAKLe 2013. I found another box of DBA Armies – yes, I have a few laying around in the lead pile 🙂

This lot are from DBA army lists book 2 and 3. There are other armies here as well but they were all prepared for DBA v 1.1 (see how old some of my lead pile is?).

So, the next four contenders are:

Slave Revolt (Sparticus) 74-71 BCE II/45c
Slave Revolt (Spartacus) 74-71 BCE II/45c

Slave Revolt (Spartacus) (74-71 BCE)These figures are from Essex Miniatures and are list II/45c. This represents the slave army following Spartacus after he had walloped a few Roman Armies and had therefore acquired some Roman equipment and, along with the addition of some deserters, had trained some troops up in the Roman manner.

It is not a powerful army although it rates 242 on the rating scale. It could be 5 blade elements, 5 warband elements and two psiloi or one cavalry, 4 blade elements, 5 warband elements and two psiloi.

The warband can be effective and at the same time fragile. Running this with a cavalry general is an option. swapping the cavalry general for a blade general when facing non-horse armies is an option as well.

I like the idea of this one. The only thing missing is the Parthian!

Sui 581-623 CE III/20a
Sui 581-623 CE III/20a

Sui (581-623 CE)

These are really nice Essex figures and have a strike force of cataphract knights. They are backed up with some very ordinary foot troops however.

Their rating is 208 so not a powerful force by any means. Having said that, there will be a lot of figures on the table as this army can have 2 x 8Bw (16 bowmen on two bases) and must have 4 x 7Hd (4 bases of 7 infantry each). They are list II/20a.

These are tempting because of badness but will mean a butt-load of painting for DBA. Doug’s AAR from using the DBMM version of the Sui makes for interesting reading and whilst DBA is not DBMM, I think the problems with these two armies are the same.

Tang 618-755 CE III/20b
Tang 618-755 CE III/20b

T’ang (618-755 CE)

List II/20b are the T’ang. These were both contemporary to the Sui and the successors of the Sui. These are Essex Miniatures as well and also a lovely collection of figures. They rate higher, 250-274, than the Sui so are not so much rubbish. Like the Sui there is a lot of painting in this army.

It also is possible to field the T’ang as an all mounted army (the barbarians to the north were getting restless at this time) as well as a mix of cavalry and infantry.

Qura-Khitan 1124-1211 CE IV/15
Qara-Khitan 1124-1211 CE IV/15

Qara-Khitan (1124-1211 CE)

A book four army, IV/15 and an interesting one at that. These are also Essex Miniatures and like the T’ang, the army can be entirely mounted at 3 Knight elements, 3 Cavalry elements and 6 Light Horse elements. This rates at 294 and is quite powerful for a competition army unless facing elephants. Two of the Light Horse elements can be replaced but only with a Horde and a Psiloi reducing their rating to 273.

So, here are another four possibles for the DeBAKLe 2013 army. From this lot, I would be leaning towards Slave Revolt (who can resist “I am Spartacus!”) and the Sui (really crappy army but pretty, although a lot of painting).

Considerations continue! Hunting for more figures in the lead pile under Mama’s house.

13 thoughts on “DeBAKLe 2013 — 15 February 2014 — The Army Choice 2

  1. Anthony 9 January 2014 / 3:49 pm

    So there was a period in your life you decided to try and get every obscure DBA army you could, yes?


  2. Chu 9 January 2014 / 3:50 pm

    Tang is seem to be suitable in competition. They are have Kn to fight & foot units to defense.


    • Thomo the Lost 9 January 2014 / 5:37 pm

      And they look cool too, and seem to be much more survivable than the Sui 😉


  3. Phil 9 January 2014 / 10:23 pm

    I would go for Sui (581-623 CE) Army


  4. Daniel 11 January 2014 / 9:47 am

    I would go for the Sui as well — something different, a real challenge to play and some nice figures. BTW, I didn’t know it was possible to calculate a rating for DBA armies, how is that done?


  5. Phil 11 January 2014 / 2:51 pm

    I also didn’t know there was a rating system for DBA armies. I think the idea is fantastic!

    so lets see if I’m doing this right according to David Lawrence System (DLS) my Early Russians III/78 Agg. 0

    1 x 3Cv (Gen) 25 +4 Group One
    4 x 3Cv, 100
    2 x 2Lh, 42
    2 x 4Sp, 44
    2 x 2Ps 26

    Total 241

    is this correct Thomo?



    • Thomo the Lost 11 January 2014 / 4:38 pm

      Yeah, well, except for there only being 11 elements 🙂 the calculation of what you have listed is correct.

      That spreadsheet gives my Qara-Khitan IV/15 of 3 x Kn, 3 x Cv and 6 x LH a rating of 294 and looking at the Russians and the Qara-Khitan, you would think that the latter were slightly stronger.

      Where the ratings fall down is they don’t provide good type by type comparisons. As Lawrence points out, a Bow army would easily defeat a knight army but would have trouble against blades even though its rating was well less than both.


      • Phil 12 January 2014 / 2:46 am

        oops…forgot to include the 12th element Options

        1 x 7Hd, or 3Ax or 6Kn (German Knights) or 3Kn (Russian Boyars)

        1 x 3Cv (Gen) 25 +4 Group One
        4 x 3Cv, 100
        2 x 2Lh, 42
        2 x 4Sp, 44
        2 x 2Ps 26
        Total 241

        1 x 3Kn (Boyars) 31 total = 272
        1 x 3Ax 18 total = 259
        1 x 7Hd 8 = 249
        1 x 6Kn = 31 total = 272



  6. Doug 22 January 2014 / 5:34 am

    Dave uses these to calculate the handicap score in his comps, which counts to the Magister Militum prize …


  7. Chu 27 January 2014 / 4:10 pm

    I want to know that which army of you final answer to bring them into the comptition ? :p


    • Thomo the Lost 27 January 2014 / 5:34 pm

      Me too 😛

      It’s not quite two weeks to DeBAKLe 2013 yet … will decide this week 😉

      It’s down to a choice of 4 – the Khmer – based and ready for paint, the Nubians – quick and easy, the Arabs – also quick and a bit easy and … bother, can’t remember the fourth. Will have a look at options tonight.


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