DeBAKLe 2013 — 15 February 2014 — The Army Choice 3

OK, it is one week before I commence a journey to Kuala Lumpur for the increasingly misnamed DeBAKLe 2013 (yes guys, I am still planning on attending – working out travel logistics this weekend). As it is seven days to go, I thought it was about time I thought seriously about the army I plan to paint and take. I had looked at some possibilities and had narrowed the field down. Now with the pressure of a limited time period in play, it’s time to get serious!

The Khmer - undercoated and some painting started
The Khmer – undercoated and some painting started

The Khmer are based, undercoated and one element is already complete (the Maiden guard was my test base for colours etc). Whilst I like the idea of an Asian Army for DeBAKLe 2013 and whilst the Khmer will be very pretty when I finish them, I do have some repair work to do already. The umbrellas either need to come down or I need to add a brass wire umbrella pole (umbrella pole? Hmmm, and English is my first language).

This will probably also be the heaviest army to transport with the weight of the elephants.

Still, I can see this being a nice army – figures are from Irregular Miniatures.

Gladiator (now Black Hat) Nubians
Gladiator (now Black Hat) Nubians

A short-priced favourite to take, ancient Nubians. The army is from the old Gladiator Miniatures (now Black Hat Miniatures).

These have the advantage of not being powerful as an army and therefore perfect for a competition like DeBAKLe 2013 (or so the guys in Kuala Lumpur assure me) as well as being light to carry and likely quick to paint.

Finished, I think they will look very nice.

Gladiator (now Black Hat) Early Arabs
Gladiator (now Black Hat) Early Arabs

Option 3 is another Gladiator army – this time, Early Arabs. This is a mix of Auxilia and Psiloi with a Light Chariot General and some camels as its main strike force. Yeah, this is powerful … not!

It will look good however.

Still, if I can get unlucky with the dice and roll low for Attacker/Defender then place more sand than you can see in a KL building site, this army might do OK.

Who am I kidding!

I am Spartacus ... from Essex Minitures
I am Spartacus … from Essex Minitures

The Slave Revolt Army (Spartacus edition) from Essex Miniatures is a nice collection of Roman looking figures and wild(ish) Gauls. Actually, the Gauls look pretty sedate but it will end up being a good looking army when finished and should, with its mix of blades and warband, give any budding Crassus a difficult time.

This army has the most figures to paint of all the possibles.

Having said that, who can resist having the guys in KL walk past the table and each time they do, have them say, “I am Spartacus!”

Plan B - Koguryo Koreans are ready for a second competition outing
Plan B – Koguryo Koreans are ready for a second competition outing

And now I present … plan B!

If I can’t get one of the above decided and started tomorrow and then well underway paint wise by Monday night, ready for varnishing Thursday night, then it may well be time to take the Koguryo Koreans north. A mix of knights, spears, bows and light cavalry suggests that as an army they will perform well and at Cancon 2012 they placed firmly in the middle of the field so not that impressive as an army goes.

Having said that, the Alain Touller Miniatures are very nice and the army looks good in white.

Right then, that’s where we are down to in the selection process. Anyone, especially in KL, have any favourites that they want to see at DeBAKLe 2013?

David, I’ll contact you later when I work out the travel arrangement and whether the entourage has decided to come to KL that weekend as well).

6 thoughts on “DeBAKLe 2013 — 15 February 2014 — The Army Choice 3

  1. Doug 7 February 2014 / 10:26 pm

    Go the Nubians… you know you want to..


    • Thomo the Lost 7 February 2014 / 11:20 pm

      They will look nice when finished and there are some lovely wall frescos from Ancient Egypt to use as a painting guide … but the Arabs also look neat as do the Khmer.

      Sigh, time to watch another episode of Andromeda and think on it whilst sleeping.


      • Doug 7 February 2014 / 11:28 pm

        spray mid brown, paint white clothing, wash dark brown.. sorted 😉


      • Thomo the Lost 7 February 2014 / 11:59 pm

        Yeah I suspect that it would take longer to do the bases than paint the actual figures … but don’t let anyone know that. They could be my first weekend DBA army 😉


  2. Daniel 8 February 2014 / 11:42 am

    I have to say I admire the way you can summon up the energy to smash through a DBA army in 5 days! Whenever I try and paint fast I somehow end up slowing down as I go, and before I know it I’m back at snail’s pace! The Nubians would be interesting — any ideas on how you would go about doing a nice desert basing?

    BTW, I’ve started up a little blog for my painting if you are interested — it’s only warmachine/hordes stuff at the moment, but I plan to expand it to cover all my stuff as I go. It’s found at:


    • Thomo the Lost 8 February 2014 / 1:21 pm

      I haven’t smashed through it yet … I’m planning and I guess the basing is going to be the most time consuming part so that is the bit I am starting with.

      As for the approach for the desert, I’m thinking basic sand and stones with the odd bit of scrub and dead grass thrown in.

      Of course, if I can’t smash through it in five days, then at least I have a plan B available. The only delay so far (apart from lunch) is a domestic one where I have been asked to take someone’s nephew to the mall for an hour or two – considering the choice between domestic bliss and finishing the Nubians on time 🙂

      The new painting blog is sweet mate – really nice stuff. I’m feeling drab by comparison 🙂


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