DeBAKLe 2013 — 15 February 2014 — The Army Painting Progress — Day 4

2014-02-12 01.48.56Day 4 painting was a little less than planned (doesn’t that always happen when you are getting close to your target?)! Domestic matters took over in the evening and they went longer than expected – still, a picnic dinner at the beach at sunset was a welcome change of scenery. It also gave me a chance to stop into the Samsung store in VivoCity and find out that whilst my phone is genuine (I never doubted that), my S-View cover is probably a fake (I had started to suspect that after the upgrade to Kit Kat when S-View stopped working). I’ll deal with that later.

On to the painting.

I managed to finish the figures except for a final dry brush on the tunics and completing the shields on the warband. That will be done over lunch today. After that, I’ll add some clumps of grass to the bases, even out the colour on the edge of the bases then when the glue and paint dries, varnish them last thing tonight.

I am wondering whether or not to “weather” the army – that is, make the soldiers look a wee bit dusty. Still pondering that.

However, I’m starting to feel confident that they will be finished today (Day 5) and ready to use tomorrow.

As for DeBAKLe 2013, I still need to book my bus ride to Kuala Lumpur and make some terrain to take with me – namely sand dunes as the Nubians are a dry climate army.

The next post should have the pin-up shot of the Nubians, finished and ready for battle. Now where did I put my copy of the rules?

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