Did Someone Say Parthians?

Someone did so the short painting period before bed tonight to relax and help me sleep was to prototype the 6mm Parthians. As I mentioned before I am using 15mm scale base sizes and increasing the number of 6mm figures on the base. So, for example, close order infantry (blade, pike, spears etc) will have 16x6mm figures, on average, on a base. Close cavalry (knights, cavalry etc) will have 8 or 9. Light horse four. Psiloi 6 to 8 figures and so on.

The Parthian cataphracts posed a question for me though as they were generally fairly linear and if I worked on there being 9 figures on a Cavalry base, the cataphracts should have 12. Two ranks of Cataphracts just did not look right so I think I will scale them to seven to a cavalry base, but in a boot-to-boot line across the base – as in the second rank below.

Below are three shots of the general base for the army. Image shows general, standard and trumpet as well as cataphracts and that is how the other bases should look, I think.
P1020144 P1020145 P1020146

3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Parthians?

  1. Bob De Angelis 5 March 2014 / 8:01 pm

    In my opinion packing larger bases in this way is certainly the way to go. They at least look like a group of soldiers and not 2 guys lost on a football pitch. I used the same approach in my DA britain using dux bellorum. I put 10mm figs on 25mm bases ie 18x100mm infantry per element. If your interested check at http://flownlegions.blogspot.com.es/


    • Thomo the Lost 5 March 2014 / 9:22 pm

      Oh, the Saxons look good mate – I can almost see Uhtred banging his shield as he advances on the Danes!


  2. Daniel 6 March 2014 / 8:24 pm

    They look nice and bright … I really like the yellow kontos. I remembered before that I had seen a painted Rapier Parthian army in someone’s blog, and dug up the link — it might give you some more inspiration!


    Some other very nice 6mm armies on that blog as well. Looking forward to seeing how your cataphracts will look when based.


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