A Great New Naval Book — British and Commonwealth warship Camouflage

00 COVERWell, Volume 1 — Destroyers, Escorts, Submarines, Minesweepers, Trawlers, coastal craft etc rather than the full Royal and Commonwealth Navies in World War 2 (and some earlier).

My old mate Mal Wright, naval artist, wargamer and gentleman, has been working on some books. He has been researching naval camouflage (amongst other things) for many years. He was persuaded to write it all up in a book, and that project has grown. Now he has a publisher ready to publish. Hi book about Naval Camouflage of World War 2 is about to be released by Pen and Sword books, UK via Seaforth Publishing, in June/July this year. In fact, as Mal himself says, “it’s the result of a lifetime of research and so many years of preparation that I often thought I would never get it done at all!”

So, the first volume is complete now, and has well over 700 full colour illustrations. Again, in Mal’s words,

The idea is to enable Naval Wargamers, Researchers, and Modellers to have an easy reference source where they can look up ships by class, and find schemes to paint them. In some cases individual ships are shown at different periods of WW2. In addition to the paint schemes and description of them, there is a colour chart. The text discusses not only paint schemes, but such issues as changes in armament, electronics and general appearance. That makes it a quick reference to those issues too.

The book is called British and Commonwealth warship Camouflage (Volume 1. Destroyers, Escorts, Submarines, Minesweepers, Trawlers, coastal craft etc)

He is also working on a Volume 2 and Volume 3. Volume 2 will cover British and Commonwealth Battleships, Battlecruisers and Fleet Aircraft Carriers camouflage (and Mal has shown me some of the drawings from that — apart from being in awe of the man’s talent, I can hardly wait for this as I have many British and Commonwealth ships from the World War 2 Pacific and Indian Ocean fleets waiting for paint. That volume should be released in 2015. Volume 3 will cover British and Commonwealth Cruisers, Auxiliary Cruisers and Escort Carriers and follow on after Volume 2.

The illustrations Mal showed me for Volume 2 were of the British R-class battleships and he has, in some cases, 4, 5 or even 6 drawings of the one ship, charting the changes in its paint or camouflage scheme over the passing of years. Mal also noted that the publishers are offering a pre-publication discount. If anyone wishes to take advantage of this they will offer offer a 20% discount off the RRP price. 

To receive the pre release offer contact Mal at his email address mgwright@bigpond.net.au and let him know where you are as the publishers are trying to get folks pre-ordering grouped into locations. The publishers have been assured that anyone who provides their address to receive such a promotion can be assured it will only be used once for the promotion of his book and will not be given out to anyone else, or used again.

If you write to Mal to organise a pre-order – do say to him “Thomo sent me!” – it might earn me a glass of beer 😉

You can provide a street address if you want a hard copy of the promotional information, or an email address to receive a pdf.

You can checkout pre-ordering this Volume in the Pen and Sword Books Coming Soon section. There is  no cover picture there but the book is described at this link.

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