Test Parthian Complete

The Parthian General
The Parthian General

I thought I would finish the basing of the test base to see how they came out. I’m quite happy with these and shall get cracking on the rest of the figures.

I also tried a really, really close up shot of the base. Remember these are 6mm Rapier Miniatures figures and the painter, me, is a gentleman of more fulsome figure … hence, fat-fingered. Still, I think they look nice!

6mm Parthians up close
6mm Parthians up close

2 thoughts on “Test Parthian Complete

  1. Doug 9 March 2014 / 4:34 pm

    Very nice indeed Thomo. Now I need to do my Persians so your Parthians can go the way of Ardashir 😉


    • Thomo the Lost 9 March 2014 / 6:04 pm

      I’m hoping that the next four bases of Cataphracts look even more business-like. Decided that all the cataphracts on each base will have a bright(ish) uniform appearance and I am going to try for 12 models per base in two lines. Should look sufficiently heavy 😉

      There will only be 4 Light Horse models per LH element so next to the heavies they will look sufficiently light. Also looking at uniform colours per element for them as well.


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